The Specialists in Rope Access
& Height Safety Solutions.
Founded in 1998, Specialist Height Access has been maintaining, repairing and inspecting some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings.

SHA provides a comprehensive, specialised service to Tier 1 builders as well as senior management in the private and public sector. We will assist anyone with whatever the enquiry, large or small.

We advise on issues relating to your height safety requirements and appropriate solutions to your needs.

SHA also offers inspections which relate to the health of your building or structure, such as tap testing for concrete cancer, leaks, or structural surveys.

Our popular Specialist inspection services:

  • Height Safety Systems
  • Internal and external overhead hazard surveys
  • Initial and periodic surveys, trend establishment and reporting
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT); MPI, DPI, ultrasonic and radiography
  • Engineering assessments and reports
  • Coating inspection and testing
  • Welding inspection and testing
  • Concrete inspection and testing
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Visual inspection
  • Remote camera inspection, photo, video, via boroscope, and thermographic imaging
  • Drone camera surveys and inspections
  • Corrosion structural surveys
  • Access hatches, anchor and height safety system inspections and compliance
  • Refractory inspection
  • Marine surveys

SHA employs experienced technicians and consultants with indepth knowledge of Australian Standards, inspection procedures, testing and structural surveys to provide you with a fast, cost effective service.

Using the latest techniques, we inspect residential, commercial and industrial assets. From photographic surveys to procedural testing, we provide detailed reports to document the condition of your asset and provide compliance certification.


SHA’s team of trained and accredited technicians ensure that height safety systems are installed in accordance with manufacturer instructions, regulator Codes of Practice and in accordance with Australian Standards

Each system installed by SHA is individually tagged, certified and photographed and may include anchor points, walkways, handrails, guardrails, access ladders, mobile fall arrest systems, rail systems, horizontal and vertical lifelines and platforms.

Our popular Specialist installation services:

  • Height safety and fall protection systems
  • Geotechnical protection (Rockfall protection)
  • Providing and installing specialised scaffold and platform systems
  • Tension and debris netting
  • Environmental protection
  • Penstocks, gates and trash racks
  • CCTV cameras & antennas
  • Art, signs and banners at height
  • Heavy lifting and installing various items and equipment

Product information, warranties, load calculations, compliance certificates and inspection checklists are supplied and online access provided to our clients.

All our technicians are experienced and trained and hold all relevant IRATA & Working at Heights qualifications.


We handle all of your industrial & commercial building maintenance needs including but not limited to: height safety assessments and systems, concrete repairs, painting, cleaning, glazing, leaks, welding and “make safes”.

Our popular Specialist maintenance services:

  • Internal and external overhead hazard reduction and removal
  • Standby rescue
  • Maintenance of bridges, towers, chimneys, silos, and storage vessels
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Rigging, lifting and installation
  • Marine wharf and under deck maintenance
  • Minor maintenance repair work, water leaks and make safe works
  • Window and joint sealing / caulking
  • Painting/coatings
  • Concrete (spalling) and render repairs
  • Installing tension and debris netting
  • Demolition and removal
  • Environmental site works at height, slope and rock stabilization
  • Rigging and hauling
  • Confined space

Specialist Height Access was founded back in 1998 and we stand as the leading Height Safety Installers and providers of Industrial Rope Access solutions in the industry.
IRATA & ISO accredited with a number of high profile clients and a reputation for fast response, we have an immaculate safety record and work on some of the most iconic buildings and infrastructure in Australasia.

Whether it’s a Skyrise, a Bridge, a Dam, a Wind Turbine or a Power Station we provide several services efficiently, effectively and safely.
With a state-of-the-art training centre and offices in Sydney & Adelaide, our experienced team of Project Managers, Installers and IRATA Rope Access Technicians have extensive trade expertise and knowledge to suit your requirements.
You need something doing at height; we’ve got the solution.


The benefits of Rope access allow SHA to work in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible or costly to get to by other means.

Our popular Specialist Repair services:

  • Engineering assessments
  • Painting
  • Reinstating coatings
  • Refractory surfaces and Chimney Stacks
  • Concrete and make safes
  • Steel structure
  • Façade restoration
  • Wind Turbines
  • Dams
  • Embankments
  • Welding and corrosion protection
  • Glazing & sealing/caulking
  • Mechanical signage and lights
  • Antennas and telecom towers
  • Demolition

Our skilled team of experienced technicians & professionals provide services to repair a range of assets or equipment, buildings and structures, on or over a variety of surfaces to the highest standards and in accordance with all associated standards and codes.

and consist of masonry, glazing, mechanical, electrical and engineering assessments, welding, painting, reinstating coatings, refractory repair, concrete cancer issues, or general façade restoration.