Wind Turbine Blade Repair Training – Germany

SHA have shown commitment to our clients by investing in our employees undertaking training in Europe, specialised in the inspection, maintenance, and repair of all brand wind turbine blade maintenance.

We can offer a range of inspection scope’s from ground, drone and rope inspections with detailed reporting and recommended repair scope.

With regular or long term inspection and maintenance schedules, SHA can offer competitive rates and support commitment.

We can discuss and negotiate tailor made contracts to suit client individual needs.


SHA employee hard at work reviewing contracts

Maintenance Contracts

SHA is proud to offer competitive rates and conditions for longer term and regular maintenance schedules.

We have range of diverse services for all industrial applications, offering detailed schedules to highlight client and maintenance driven objectives.

Contracts can be drafted by negotiation with specific client requirements.

height safety system with rails

Height Safety Systems

SHA is extremely experienced in offering a design, supply and installation service for compliant height safety systems to our clients. As our primary business is to perform service and maintenance with the installed equipment, we have the insight to offer the most efficient and effective systems for long term optimal performance.

experiences SHA worker conducting confined space repairs

Confined Space

The detailed inspection and repair work in confined space environment is an area of expertise for SHA. Inspection of towers and stacks can provide non destructive testing (NDT) results ensuring reliability of componentry. Internal pressure vessels in applications such as steam, gas and other media can be inspected for erosion and deterioration by means such as eddy current, ultra sound, x-ray etc.

Resulting reporting and recommendations and repair schedules can then be drafted for submission to the client.

Industrial heavy lifting equipment on a building top

Heavy Lifting

SHA specialises in the complex and articulate heavy lift of many mechanical installations, providing expert consultancy advice and recommended lifting procedures including safe work method statements.

A detailed reference list of unique and individual works can be provided on request. We regularly attend site at project concept stage to assist with client planning and budget submissions.

Student and training working with safety training equipment and harnesses

New Training Facility in Development

Specialist Height Access has been providing training for a number of years at the most senior levels in accordance with IRATA standards from level 1-3.

We are now relocated to a facility near the airport and have a new training facility under development.

Soon we will provide specialised IRATA training for all levels, including working at heights, rescue, confined space among others. Tailor made and long term contract packages can be developed on client request.

Industrial heavy lifting equipment on a building top

Rope Access Alternative

As an alternative to EWP (elevated work platform), boom lift, scaffold, ladders, crane bucket or platform - rope access is statistically safer, often more efficient and easier to access the difficult area of work in order to carry out maintenance.

Rope access typically avoids the lengthy set up and mobilisation time and costs and is far less restricted to ground based access methods. If weather is a concerning factor, rope access can be set up and packed away in a fraction of the time to establish and maintain more traditional approach such as scaffold.

experienced worker using a safety harness
Access equipment in a narrow lane accessing a high rise building
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Health and Safety Accreditation

Cm3 is Australia's leader in WHS contractor prequalification and trusted by Australia's leading brands.

Cm3 is Australia's leading online Contractor OHS/WHS Pre-qualification system. Cm3 addresses the need for both contractors; and the organisations they conduct work for to demonstrate contractor health and safety management capabilities, along with providing assistance for organisations to better manage their contractors around health and safety requirements.

Specialist Height Access is proud to have attained Level 1 accreditation to the Cm3 assessment criteria, again proving best practices in the safety of our work force, and ultimate safety and reliability for our clients work sites.

no war grafftti removal on the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Specialist Height Access have used their extensive experience to put in place methodologies which use the rightresource at the correct time whilst maintaining the focus on safety and the duty of care to our technicians, partners and general public. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any testimonials or details about any of the work we have completed.

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Customs House

Specialist Height Access have been a preferred supplier of banner and artwork installations around Sydney for many years.
What our clients know is they will get the peace of mind that anything hanging over peoples heads will be secure and the artist understands we will be able to present their work as they intended. A win-win.

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