Sydney Cricket Ground

Project Info

  • Project Duration

    6 weeks - 2014

  • Category

    Construction and Maintenance

The Sydney Cricket Ground is famous throughout the world and Specialist Height Access were contracted by Roofsafe Industrial Safety (RIS) to aid in the installation of the Height Safety Systems in the new Noble Stand.

In all with a crew of upto 12 we have removed the temporary walkway and static line system, installed a saferail, anchor points, ladders, vertical line, walkway / platforms, handrail, static line, ladder brackets and all relevant signage as provided by RIS. All on time and within budget.
Due to the excellence of our results and the peace of mind we gave the main contractor, AW Edwards, we have also been asked to install the speakers and brackets under the new stand and a platform area, having first cut out to size the area it all sits in. All whilst working at heights.

Led by our IRATA Level 3 Site Supervisor, Joe Anderson, all the tasks have been completed with a minimum of fuss and stress to the client. Our ability to increase our crew size to suit their needs and with skilled labour yet again proved that regardless of the work or the location (ok, this one is pretty cool) Specialist Height Access can be relied upon to provide results
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